Soul Revolution Live Concert @ Shelter Music Club

Soul Revolution are back!
This sunday, 31 march, 9.30 pm, at Shelter Music Club, Rome. Dee Bee (voice), Fabrizio (acoustic guitar) and Massimo (percussions) will perform the band's original repertoire + international tracks.
Limited seating, booking is recommended.
Don't miss it!

Ascolta TIME

Time by Soul Revolution
Soul Revolution
01. Brand New Day
02. Another Way
03. Appearances
04. Daydream
05. True
06. 3.13pm Mean to me
07. A Time for Everything
08. Fake
09. Lost Friend
10. Scars
11. 10.30pm Goodnight


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Listen People

Soul Revolution
01. Simone - The Dreamer
02. Frank - The Taxi Driver
03. Albert and Emily - The Old Homeless Couple
04. Sarah - The Bride
05. Jane - The Bride's Rich Mother
06. Jamal - The Illegal Immigrant
07. Nick - The Thief
08. Rose - The Lost love
09. Carmen - The Artist

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